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:damphyr:Welcome to lovely lolitas! This group was created to promote quality lolita photographs. You can post your own work, or photographs that you took of other lolitas! All level of photography is accepted, so no worries, beginning lolitas~ Fun contests will also be held as the member count increases. So, if you love lolitas and have some pictures you would like to share, then join the lovely lolitas today~

Founder: Hime-Lolita
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Oct 1, 2011


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49 Members
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This group was created to promote popular lolita photographs. So if you have some pictures to share, or are just a lolita fan, then join the lovely lolitas today~

:star:Group Rules::star:
:bulletyellow:No stealing art or flaming.
:bulletorange:No criticizing anyone else's work.
:bulletred:No spamming of any sort.

:wave:To Join The Group::wave:
:bulletpink:Click on the "Join our Group" button.
:bulletpurple:Add us to your DeviantWATCH.
:bulletblue:Add the group's icon to your journal. To do that, write this :iconlovely-lolitas*: but without this * (this step is optional)
:bulletgreen:You must be a lolita fan.

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:bulletyellow:Click on the "Affiliate" button.
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:gallery:To Submit Art::gallery:
:bulletred:Click on the "Contribute Art" button. Select the image you would like to submit and add it to the correct folder.
:bulletpink:Lolita photos are allowed to be posted, but only if you are the person who took the photo or are in the photo.
:bulletpurple:The pictures you wish to add to the group's gallery have to have at least one lolita in them, but other non-lolitas are also allowed on the photographs.
:bulletblue:The pictures you chose to submit must be 100% yours. However, you are allowed to post a "collaboration" as long as the other person you worked with, gives you permission to post it here.
:bulletgreen:If you try to add a picture to the group that does not belong to you, you will be banned from the group permanently and will be blocked, so no access will be available at all.
:bulletwhite:The work submitted must show effort.  The pictures doesn't have to be perfect, but we will not accept poorly developed photos in our gallery.

-If there are any questions that are not already answered in this blog, feel free to send a note, and I will reply as soon as possible. :emailsend:

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A Japanese street fashion primarily influenced by the Victorian era. It focuses on
modesty, elegance and quality of construction. Although there are many sub-styles, the best-known are gothic, sweet and classic Lolita.

Lolita emerged in the 1970s as an evolution from the natural-kei style of the time and it was popularized in the 1990s by various visual-kei bands. The late '90s boom in popularity lead to the publication of the Gothic & Lolita Bible in January of 2001. It is popular enough around the world that in 2008, TokyoPop began publishing the G&LB in English.

Lolita Styles:
Lolita is a fashion with a very specific aesthetic with various guidelines to help you achieve it. The most important of which is modesty. The legs, chest and shoulders should be covered. Skirts and jumperskirts are to be worn with blouses that cover up to the neck. Legs are covered with socks or stockings and skirts that fall approximately to the knees.
Next is the silhouette. A knee length, poofy, bell shaped skirt worn at the natural waist is essential for this. Petticoats provide the poof but one must be careful to select one with the correct bell shape.
Last but not least is quality of materials and construction. A Lolita outfit should never appear to be cheap or "costumey" because it's meant to be regular clothing and not a costume. Thin, easily wrinkled materials, costume satin and synthetic lace are to be avoided as they can make an outfit appear cheap. Cotton material and cotton lace are excellent choices as well as being comfortable to wear. Cat ears, exaggerated or multiple rows of corset lacing, armwarmers and legwarmers are costume elements to be avoided.
Please remember that these are guidelines to help you get the right look. If you're a beginner it's best to follow them till you know you have a very good grasp on what is and isn't Lolita.

Gothic Lolita
The most widely known of Lolita styles. Often mislabeled EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) which is a term created for JRocker Mana's clothing brand. The predominant colour seen is black. Crosses and roses are common motifs.

Sweet Lolita
The most popular style among Lolita, sweet is the cutest and frilliest. Pastels are usually used but red and black are sometimes seen as well. Sweets are a very common theme.

Classic Lolita
The most elegant and mature style of Lolita. Dresses are often A line instead of bell shaped and trimmed in net lace or ruffles. Jewel tones and soft colours are the norm.

Kuro Lolita & Shiro Lolita
An outfit of any style that is completely black or completely white. Kuro is the Japanese word for black while shiro is the Japanese word for white.

Punk Lolita
The combination of Lolita and Japanese punk styles. It still adheres to the Lolita aesthetic. Black, red, tartan and deconstructed fabrics are often used.

Hime Lolita
Lolita style with a princess theme. Often showing Rococo influence. Hime Lolita often wear tiaras and other princess accessories like sceptres.

Country Lolita
This style can be considered an offshoot of sweet though it often resembles classic as well. Dresses feature florals, gingham or fruit prints. Mini straw hats and straw purses help achieve the country look.

Sailor Lolita
This style takes its inspiration from sailor uniforms. Sailor collars and stripes are staples. Common colours are navy and white.

Wa Lolita & Qi Lolita
Wa Lolita draws inspiration from traditional Japanese clothing. Most commonly seen as kimono with knee length bell skirts. Dresses made from kimono fabric may also be considered Wa Lolita.
Qi Lolita features outfits inspired by traditional Chinese qipao. This style is very rarely done so there's not many pictures of it.

Ero Lolita
A rare and very controversial style that combines Lolita with elements like corsets, fishnet stockings or cage skirts. It resembles Victorian underclothes but is still modest by today's standards and suitable to be worn outside.

Other Themes:
Casual, Guro, Retro, Pirate, Deco, Military, School Uniform, Steampunk

Boystyle is a catch all term for styles like ouji, dandy and prince. It's often considered the male equivalent of Lolita though it may be worn by both men and women.

Resembling Victorian Goth, Aristocrat is more refined and mature than Lolita. Floor length skirts or wide leg pants may be worn. This style is for both men and women.








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I'm looking for my first lolita outfit, in the style of sweet loli. Unfortunately, I can't really sew and most of the websites I have seen are either super expensive or really hard to navigate. Are there any websites you can suggest that ship to the UK and sell loli stuff for quite cheap?
Refugeewolf Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hello I am looking for some help. I do not have the sewing skills to create my own Lolita dress so I'm looking to order one. the site I'm looing at is Does anyone know anything abou this site?
KTEnsley Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
... wow. This is one of the most well put-together groups I have yet to see. Your "Lolita Info" box is especially impressive; however... I felt I should point out that, with the exception of Ero and some of the "Male Lolita" styles, lolita fasion is mostly influenced by children's clothing of the Victorian Era, not the full range of clothing.
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Thank you for accept me :3
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but I canīt submit to that folder ._.
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